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Becoming a Hairdresser
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Becoming a Hairdresser

Help & advice

Cuts, styles, colours, straightens and permanently waves hair, and treats hair and scalp conditions.
Training time 1 - 4 years
Avg. weekly wage $926
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 12,400

What does a Hairdresser do?

  • providing advice on hair care, beauty products and hairstyles
  • shampooing hair and conditioning scalps
  • colouring, straightening and permanently waving hair with chemical solutions
  • cutting hair with scissors, clippers and razors
  • styling hair into dreadlocks and braids and adding hair extensions
  • shaving and trimming beards and moustaches
  • cleaning work areas and sanitising instruments
  • arranging appointments and collecting payments


  • Barber

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