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Becoming a Greenkeeper
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Becoming a Greenkeeper

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Also known as Turf Keeper.
Establishes and maintains fine turf, grassed areas and synthetic surfaces used for sporting events.
Training time - No data available -
Avg. weekly wage $1,027
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 2,600

What does a Greenkeeper do?

  • preparing seedbeds for new turf
  • establishing and maintaining turf by watering, over sowing or over seeding, and repairing green damage
  • mowing, rolling and levelling turf
  • pegging and marking out lines and logos, installing nets, posts and stumps, and placing other sports equipment on playing areas
  • operating and maintaining hand and power driven equipment such as mowers, aerators, cultivators, corers and line marking equipment
  • constructing cricket wickets, tennis courts, and bowling, croquet and golf greens
  • replanting, repairing, aerating, fertilising and top dressing lawns
  • installing and maintaining synthetic surfaces

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