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Becoming an Animal Attendants and Trainers (other)
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Becoming an Animal Attendants and Trainers (other)

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Also known as Crutching Contractor, Kennel Hand, Muleser.
This occupation group covers Animal Attendants and Trainers not elsewhere classified.
Training time 0.5 - 1 year
Avg. weekly wage $1,238
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 4,800

What does an Animal Attendants and Trainers (other) do?

  • teaching animals to obey verbal and non-verbal commands and addressing behavioural problems
  • training animals to accept riders and pull vehicles
  • training animals to perform in competitions
  • bathing, cutting, combing, blow-drying and styling pets' coats, clipping their nails and cleaning their ears
  • inspecting, preparing, cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining comfortable animal cages and enclosures
  • transporting food, filling water troughs and feeding animals according to their individual needs
  • maintaining animal health records, treating minor injuries and reporting serious conditions to Veterinarians
  • exercising and playing with animals, answering visitor questions, and transferring animals between enclosures by leading or carrying them

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