Becoming a Pastrycook
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Becoming a Pastrycook

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Prepares and bakes buns, cakes, biscuits and pastry goods.
Training time 9 months - 2 years
Average pay $38,856
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 1,900

What does a Pastrycook do?

  • checking the cleanliness of equipment and operation of premises before production runs to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations
  • checking the quality of raw materials and weighing ingredients
  • kneading, maturing, cutting, moulding, mixing and shaping dough and pastry goods
  • preparing pastry fillings
  • monitoring oven temperatures and product appearance to determine baking times
  • coordinating the forming, loading, baking, unloading, de-panning and cooling of batches of bread, rolls and pastry products
  • glazing buns and pastries, and decorating cakes with cream and icing
  • operating machines which roll and mould dough and cut biscuits


  • Cake Decorator

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