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Becoming a Plumber (General)
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Becoming a Plumber (General)

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Installs and repairs water, drainage, gas and sewerage pipes and systems. Registration or licensing is required.
Training time 1 - 4 years
Avg. weekly wage $1,629
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 22,600

What license do I need to work as a Plumber (General) in Victoria?

To work as a Plumber (General), you will need:

    One of the following

    • Licensed by the Victorian Building Association (VBA)
    • Registered by the VBA (or have provisional registration) and working under the supervision of a licensed plumbing practitioner
    • In training under the supervision of a licensed plumbing practitioner

How do I become a Plumber (General) in Victoria?

To work as a Plumber (General) in Victoria, you'll need:
    • A Certificate III in Plumbing
    • Completed Apprenticeship
    • Licence(s) or registration(s) as per class applied for


    • Completion of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or equivalent
    • Strong understanding of Mathematics and English
    • Relevant pre-apprenticeship: Certificate II in Plumbing
    • Construction Induction Card (also known as White Card) is required for access to any construction site in Australia

What does a Plumber (General) do?

  • Studies blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine the layout of plumbing systems and materials required
  • Instals hot and cold water systems and associated equipment
  • Instals water-based fire protection systems, including fire hydrants, hose reels and sprinkler systems
  • Designs and instals sanitary plumbing and water supply systems, discharge pipes and sanitary fixtures
  • Fabricates and instals soil and waste stacks
  • Assembles and instals mechanical services, plant and air handling and conditioning equipment and small bore heating systems
  • Instals sewerage and effluent pumping equipment and disposal systems
  • Instals below-ground drainage systems and associated ground support systems
  • Instals gas appliances, flues and pressure regulating devices


  • Fire Services Plumber
  • Sanitary Plumber
  • Water Plumber

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