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Becoming a Wall and Floor Tiler
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Becoming a Wall and Floor Tiler

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Lays ceramic, clay, slate, marble and glass tiles on external and internal walls and floors to provide protective and decorative finishes. Registration or licensing may be required.
Training time 1.5 - 3 years
Avg. weekly wage - No data available -
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 2,800

What does a Wall and Floor Tiler do?

  • examining plans, measuring and marking surfaces and laying out work
  • preparing wall and floor surfaces by removing old tiles, grout and adhesive, filling holes and cracks, and cleaning surfaces
  • spreading adhesive onto prepared surfaces and tiles, and setting tiles in position
  • using tile-cutting tools to cut and shape tiles needed for edges and corners, and around objects such as fittings and pipes
  • ensuring tiles are correctly aligned and spaced
  • grouting tiles, and cleaning and removing excess grout
  • applying waterproofing systems
  • may lay floors of granolithic, terrazzo, cement or similar composition


  • Ceramic Tiler
  • Mosaic Tiler

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