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Becoming a Roof Tiler
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Becoming a Roof Tiler

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Cover roofs with tiles, sheets and shingles to form a waterproof surface. Registration or licensing may be required.
Training time 1 year
Avg. weekly wage - No data available -
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 2,500

What does a Roof Tiler do?

  • studying drawings, specifications and work sites to determine materials required
  • erecting ladders and scaffolds
  • placing and securing waterproof sheets over eaves
  • nailing and stapling roofing underlay to roofs
  • aligning starter rows of roofing material with edges of roofs, securing with wire, staples and nails, and overlapping successive layers of tiles
  • sizing and cutting roofing material to fit around vents, chimney edges, corners and ridges
  • fixing edge and ridge tiles in cement mortar
  • slipping roofing material under pre-fabricated flashing and nailing it down


  • Roof Fixer
  • Roof Shingler
  • Roof Slater

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