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Becoming a Corporate General Manager
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Becoming a Corporate General Manager

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Also known as Chief Operating Officer.
Plans, organises, directs, controls and reviews the day-to-day operations and major functions of a commercial, industrial, governmental or other organisation through departmental managers and subordinate executives.
Training time 0.5 - 3 years
Avg. weekly wage $1,449
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 13,100

What does a Corporate General Manager do?

  • planning policy, and setting standards and objectives for organisations
  • providing day-to-day direction and management of organisations, and directing and endorsing policy to fulfil objectives, achieve specific goals, and maximise profit and efficiency
  • assessing changing situations and responding accordingly by issuing commands and directives to subordinate staff
  • consulting with immediate subordinates and departmental heads on matters such as methods of operation, equipment requirements, finance, sales and human resources
  • authorising the funding of major policy implementation programs
  • representing the organisation at official occasions, in negotiations, at conventions, seminars, public hearings and forums, and liaising between areas of responsibility
  • preparing, or arranging for the preparation of, reports, budgets and forecasts, and presenting them to governing bodies
  • selecting and managing the performance of senior staff


  • Assistant Commissioner (Police)
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Managing Editor
  • Trade Union Secretary

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