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Becoming a Metal Machinist (First Class)
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Becoming a Metal Machinist (First Class)

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Sets up and operates machine tools to shape and form metal stock and castings to fine tolerances, using detailed drawings and specifications.
Training time 1 - 4 years
Avg. weekly wage $1,590
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 16,100

How do I become a Metal Machinist (First Class) in Victoria?

To work as a Metal Machinist (First Class) in Victoria, you'll need:
    • Complete a Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade
    • Complete an apprenticeship


    • Completion of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or equivalent
    • Strong understanding of Mathematics and English
    • Complete Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Fluid Power course
    • Relevant pre-apprenticeship:
      • Certificate II in Engineering Pathways
      • Certificate II in Engineering Studies
    • Diploma in Engineering Technology

What does a Metal Machinist (First Class) do?

  • Studies drawings and specifications to determine suitable material, method and sequence of operations, and machine settings
  • Fits fabricated metal parts into products and assembles metal parts and subassemblies to produce machines and equipment
  • Checks fabricated and assembled metal parts for accuracy, clearance and fit using precision measuring instruments
  • Sets guides, stops and other controls on machining tools, sets up prescribed cutting and shaping tools and dyes in machines and presses, and sets controls for textile machines
  • Forms metal stock and castings to fine tolerances using machining tools to press, cut, grind, plane, bore and drill metal
  • Cuts, threads, bends and instals hydraulic and pneumatic pipes and lines
  • Prepares pattern mechanisms to control the operation of textile machines used to spin, weave, knit, sew and tuft fabric
  • Diagnoses faults and performs operational maintenance of machines, and overhauls and repairs mechanical parts and fluid power equipment


  • Aircraft Machinist
  • Automotive Machinist
  • Metal Machine Setter
  • Metal Turner
  • Milling Machinist
  • Vertical Borer

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