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Becoming a Metal Fabricator
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Becoming a Metal Fabricator

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Marks off and fabricates structural steel and other metal stock to make or repair metal products and structures such as boilers and pressure vessels.
Training time 3 years
Avg. weekly wage $1,281
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 16,700

How do I become a Metal Fabricator in Victoria?

To work as a Metal Fabricator in Victoria, you'll need:
    • A Certificate III in Engineering – Production Systems
    • Completed traineeship


    • Completion of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or equivalent
    • Strong understanding of Mathematics and English
    • Relevant traineeship: Certificate II in Engineering – Production System

What does a Metal Fabricator do?

  • Studies blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine job requirements
  • Selects, cleans and prepares metal stock
  • Cuts marked-out metal sections and shapes using hand tools, flame cutting torches and metal cutting machines
  • Shapes and bends metal sections and pipes using hand and machine tools, and by heating and hammering
  • Aligns parts to be joined using hand tools and measuring instruments
  • Joins metal sections using various welding techniques, bolting and riveting
  • Examines welds for width of bead, penetration and precision
  • Finishes products by cleaning, polishing, filing and bathing in acidic solutions


  • Boilermaker-Welder
  • Brass Finisher
  • Metal Fabricator-Welder
  • Metal Template Maker
  • Structural Steel Trades Worker

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