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Sheetmetal Trades Worker

Marks out, shapes, forms and joins sheetmetal and other materials to make products and components.

Tasks Include:

  • studying blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine job, material and equipment requirements
  • selecting metal stock, such as stainless steel, galvanised iron, mild steel, aluminium and copper, and checking sizes, gauges and other dimensions of metal stock against specifications
  • marking out metal stock with reference points and lines, using templates, gauges and other measuring instruments
  • cutting metal stock along guidelines using hand and power shears, guillotines and drills
  • shaping and forming cut metal stock into products using folding and bending machines, rollers, presses and hammers
  • fitting and assembling components into final products by welding, riveting, soldering, brazing and otherwise joining
  • finishing products by polishing, filing, sanding and cleaning assembled products
  • may repair damaged sheetmetal products and components
  • may specialise in fabrication, or on-site assembly and installation, of sheetmetal products
  • may produce aircraft sheet metal components requiring advanced drawing and calculating skills
  • Metal Spinner
  • Sheetmetal Patternmaker
Job prospects for Sheetmetal Trades Workers in Victoria

Occupation in the Sheetmetal Trades Workers group include Sheetmetal Trades Worker

Employment prospects
Skills shortage: this occupation needs more skilled workers now. There are currently 2,800 Sheetmetal Trades Workers in Victoria. Over the next five years, the size of this occupation is expected to grow. Employment prospects for the next five years are strong.

For more information about this occupation at a national level visit the Job Outlook website.

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