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Inspects, trims and shapes horses' hooves, and forms, fits and nails horseshoes.

Tasks Include:

  • selecting metal stock for job requirements
  • heating metal in forges and furnaces and hammering, punching and cutting metal using hand tools and machine presses
  • tempering and hardening finished articles by quenching in oil or water baths or by cooling gradually in air
  • preparing electrolytic and silver solutions for electroforming, and applying solution to the objects to be coated
  • setting and adjusting controls to regulate electric current and depositing of coating on objects
  • preparing horses' hooves for shoeing, nailing horseshoes to hooves, and trimming hooves
  • cutting, trimming, shaping and smoothing stock to form mould patterns
  • filling boxes with sand and setting patterns in place, and pouring molten metal into moulds
  • applying refractory paint and positioning cores in moulds
Job prospects for Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers in Victoria

Occupations in the Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers group include Blacksmith, Electroplater, Farrier, Metal Casting Trades Worker and Metal Polisher.

Employment prospects
There are currently 100 Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers in Victoria. Over the next five years, the size of this relatively small occupation is expected to remain similar. Employment prospects for the next five years are weak.

For more information about this occupation at a national level visit the Job Outlook website.

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