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Becoming a Family and Marriage Counsellor
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Becoming a Family and Marriage Counsellor

Help & advice

Assists individuals, couples and families with marriage and relationship difficulties. May work in a call centre.
Training time 1 year
Avg. weekly wage $1,392
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 5,400

What does a Family and Marriage Counsellor do?

  • working with clients on career, study and employment options by obtaining and examining information relevant to their abilities and needs
  • providing information and resources to assist clients with job-seeking skills
  • assessing client needs in relation to treatment for drug and alcohol abuse
  • conducting counselling interviews with individuals, couples and family groups
  • assisting the understanding and adjustment of attitudes, expectations and behaviour to develop more effective interpersonal and marital relationships
  • presenting alternative approaches and discussing potential for attitude and behaviour change
  • consulting with clients to develop rehabilitation plans taking account of vocational and social needs
  • contributing information, understanding and advice on the learning and behaviour of students, especially those with special needs, and assisting parents and teachers in dealing with these needs


  • Family Court Counsellor

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