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Becoming a Judicial and Other Legal Professionals
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Becoming a Judicial and Other Legal Professionals

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Also known as Administrative Lawyer, Family Court Registrar, Family Law Mediator, Judicial Registrar, Law Researcher, Legal Officer, Parliamentary Counsel, Patent Attorney, Trade Mark Attorney.
This occupation group covers Judicial and Other Legal Professionals not elsewhere classified. Registration or licensing may be required.
Training time 1.5 - 4 years
Avg. weekly wage $3,258
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 4,200

What does a Judicial and Other Legal Professionals do?

  • researching statutes and previous court decisions relevant to cases
  • conducting trials and hearings
  • calling and questioning witnesses
  • hearing and evaluating arguments and evidence in civil and criminal summary matters
  • deciding penalties and sentences within statutory limits, such as fines, bonds and detention, awarding damages in civil matters, and issuing court orders
  • exercising arbitral powers if resolution is not achieved or seems improbable through conciliation
  • preparing settlement memoranda and obtaining signatures of parties
  • advising government of legal, constitutional and parliamentary matters and drafting bills and attending committee meetings during consideration of bills

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