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Private Tutors and Teachers (other)

Private Tutors and Teachers (other)

Help & advice

Also known as Dressmaking Teacher (Private Tuition), Handicrafts Teacher (Private Tuition).

This occupation group covers Private Tutors and Teachers not elsewhere classified.

Tasks Include:

  • planning programs of study for individual students and groups
  • preparing and presenting material on the theory of the subject area
  • instructing and demonstrating practical aspects of the subject area
  • assigning problems and exercises relative to students' training needs and talents
  • assessing students and offering advice, criticism and encouragement
  • revising curricula, course content, course materials and methods of instruction
  • preparing students for examinations, performance and assessments
  • keeping abreast of developments in the subject area by attending professional conferences, seminars and courses, reading current literature, and talking with colleagues
  • may arrange visits and tours to professional exhibitions and performances
Job prospects for Private Tutors and Teachers in Victoria

Occupations in the Private Tutors and Teachers group include Art Teacher (Private Tuition), Dance Teacher (Private Tuition), Drama Teacher (Private Tuition), Music Teacher (Private Tuition) and Private Tutors and Teachers (other).

Employment prospects
There are currently 8,500 Private Tutors and Teachers in Victoria. Over the next five years, the size of this relatively large occupation is expected to remain similar. Employment prospects for the next five years are good.

Average weekly wage

Hourly earnings

For more information about this occupation at a national level visit the Job Outlook website.

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