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Becoming an Information and Organisation Professionals (other)
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Becoming an Information and Organisation Professionals (other)

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Also known as Electoral Officer, Forms Designer, Knowledge Manager, Lobbyist, Museum Registrar.
This occupation group includes Information and Organisation Professionals not elsewhere classified.
Training time - No data available -
Avg. weekly wage $1,771
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 4,600

What does an Information and Organisation Professionals (other) do?

  • applying mathematical, statistical and actuarial principles and techniques to a range of tasks
  • developing, organising and maintaining libraries and other information keeping services
  • reviewing and analysing economic data and preparing reports
  • managing the collection and processing of information and data to produce intelligence, and analysing and advising on policy options
  • assessing the value of land, property and other items, and providing advice on the administration, and commercial and operational use of land and property
  • studying organisational structures and methods to solve organisational problems and achieve greater efficiency

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