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Becoming a Tyre Fitter
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Becoming a Tyre Fitter

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Fits, repairs and replaces tyres on motor vehicles.
Training time 1.25 - 4 years
Avg. weekly wage $814
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 3,300

What does a Tyre Fitter do?

  • removing old and damaged parts and cleaning surrounding areas on vehicles
  • fitting batteries and installing accessories such as sun roofs, stereos and alarms
  • removing damaged glass, trimming strips and rubber seals from window frames and mountings on motor vehicles, positioning new windscreens and glass windows on frames and attaching and sealing them
  • inspecting, removing and repairing muffler mountings, and fitting new mufflers, extractors and exhaust pipes
  • removing radiators from vehicles and cleaning and repairing them
  • installing new or repaired radiators into vehicles and repairing and replacing other units in the cooling system such as thermostats, head gaskets and water pumps
  • inspecting tyres to determine which repair action to implement and repairing punctures in tubes and tubeless tyres
  • operating air driven equipment to remove and refit tyres and tubes on vehicles

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