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Becoming a Meat Process Worker
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Becoming a Meat Process Worker

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Processes carcasses of slaughtered livestock and prepares meat and meat products.
Training time - No data available -
Avg. weekly wage $888
Employment prospects Moderate
Employment size 3,000

What does a Meat Process Worker do?

  • processing offal and tripe
  • moving carcasses to chillers and freezers
  • loading meat products into trucks
  • packing boned and sliced meat into cartons
  • stunning and shackling poultry for killing and processing
  • severing jugular veins of poultry, and removing viscera and residual material from poultry carcasses
  • separating organs and glands, such as sweetbreads, livers, hearts and spleens, from poultry carcasses
  • inspecting and grading poultry, fish and shellfish for size and quality
  • packing fish and counting packs before freezing, and packing frozen fish blocks into cartons
  • operating machines which slice, peel, skin and crumb fish


  • Offal Separator

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