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Becoming a Storeperson
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Becoming a Storeperson

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Also known as Stores Assistant, Warehouse Assistant.
Receives, handles and despatches goods in a store or warehouse.
Training time 0.5 - 2 years
Avg. weekly wage $1,004
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 39,000

What does a Storeperson do?

  • receiving incoming goods, checking for damage and for discrepancies between goods and invoices
  • unloading vehicles, opening packages and removing contents
  • operating computers to obtain details of location and quantity of items in stock
  • labelling goods with details of storage location
  • packing and weighing goods and sealing boxes
  • operating machines to lift, place and remove goods on high levels
  • operating specialised equipment, such as manually and electronically guided order pickers, and checking goods off picking list
  • assisting with regular stocktakes


  • Chiller Hand
  • Manufacturing Storeperson
  • Operator Supply (Army)
  • Order Picker/Assembler
  • Stores Despatch Hand
  • Stores Naval (Navy)

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