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Waste Water or Water Plant Operator

Waste Water or Water Plant Operator

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Operates plant to store, distribute and treat water including purifying water for human consumption and removing wastes from sewage.

Job prospects for Other Stationary Plant Operators in Victoria

Occupations in the Other Stationary Plant Operators group include Boiler or Engine Operator, Bulk Materials Handling Plant Operator, Cement Production Plant Operator, Concrete Batching Plant Operator, Concrete Pump Operator, Paper and Pulp Mill Operator, Railway Signal Operator, Stationary Plant Operators (other), Train Controller, Waste Water or Water Plant Operator and Weighbridge Operator.

Employment prospects
There are currently 3,100 Other Stationary Plant Operators in Victoria. Over the next five years, the size of this occupation is expected to grow. Employment prospects for the next five years are good.

Average weekly wage

Hourly earnings

For more information about this occupation at a national level visit the Job Outlook website. External link

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