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Becoming a Sewing Machinist
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Becoming a Sewing Machinist

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Operates industrial sewing machines to sew and finish garments and soft furnishings such as curtains.
Training time 0.5 - 2 years
Avg. weekly wage - No data available -
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 4,100

What does a Sewing Machinist do?

  • threading machines, inserting bobbins and positioning parts to be sewn
  • starting, stopping and controlling speed of machines with pedals and knee levers to coordinate actions of presser feet, clothes guides, blades and other attachments, and guiding parts under needles, following edges, seams and markings
  • changing needles and adjusting, securing and modifying attachments to machines
  • finishing items by cutting excess material and threads
  • operating thread trimming and other non-sewing machines
  • inspecting stitching for defects and notifying repair mechanics of machine malfunctions
  • performing basic maintenance such as lubrication of machines
  • may do laying up and bundling tasks


  • Embroiderer

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