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Becoming a Sawmilling Operator
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Becoming a Sawmilling Operator

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Also known as Sawmiller.
Sets up and operates machines to cut logs into planks of standard sizes.
Training time 2 years
Avg. weekly wage $893
Employment prospects Strong
Employment size 2,800

What does a Sawmilling Operator do?

  • setting up printing plates, ink circulation systems, knives, creases, cutting dies, and folding and gluing machines
  • loading machines with paper and fibreboard
  • operating machines to form cardboard containers, paper plates, egg cartons, tissue paper and other paper products
  • adjusting and cleaning machines and performing minor repairs
  • securing timber into place and setting saws to produce specified sizes of plank and board to be cut
  • starting machines and feeding stock onto cutting saw, and operating automatic feed mechanisms
  • raising and lowering saws to trim boards and remove defects such as rot and splits
  • controlling lathes and slicing machines to produce veneers, and laminating veneer using glue
  • verifying dimensions of cut stock and accuracy of cuts


  • Band Saw Operator
  • Beam Saw Operator
  • Cant Gang Sawyer
  • Resawyer
  • Ripsaw Operator

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