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Insurance Loss Adjuster

Also known as Insurance Loss Assessor.

Inspects and assesses the damage and loss to insured property and business, estimates insurance costs, and acts to minimise the cost of claims to an insurance company.

Tasks Include:

  • examining scenes of incidents resulting in insurance claims to determine causes and effects
  • interviewing witnesses and claimants to obtain details required to assess the validity of claims and identify the parties responsible for accidents, damage and loss, and preparing statements and reports
  • inspecting damaged buildings, equipment and motor vehicles and estimating the cost of repairs
  • estimating business losses resulting from fire, theft and other business disruptions
  • reporting the extent of damage and estimated costs to the insurer
  • inspecting property, buildings and operations of commercial and industrial establishments to assess physical conditions and work practices
  • evaluating the adequacy of security, fire and related systems
  • preparing reports and recommending action to reduce risks
Job prospects for Insurance Investigators, Loss Adjusters and Risk Surveyors in Victoria

Occupations in the Insurance Investigators, Loss Adjusters and Risk Surveyors group include Insurance Investigator, Insurance Loss Adjuster and Insurance Risk Surveyor.

Employment prospects
There are currently 1,400 Insurance Investigators, Loss Adjusters and Risk Surveyors in Victoria. Over the next five years, the size of this relatively small occupation is expected to decline. Employment prospects for the next five years are stable.

Average weekly wage

Hourly earnings

For more information about this occupation at a national level visit the Job Outlook website.

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