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Choosing a training provider

Choosing a training provider

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When deciding on a training provider, it's important to shop around because costs, services, and study options can vary considerably.  

Comparing training providers 

To help you select the best training provider for you, we've created the provider location comparison tool.

Simply search for and select the course you're interested in, and then select up to three different training providers you'd like to compare.

By comparing your course with different providers you'll be able to see who's offering the best price, which courses have government subsidised places and which training provider is the most conveniently located for you. ​​

Useful questions to ask ​

There are some other things to think about before choosing where you'd like to study. Before signing up for a course, consider the following questions: ​

Are they registered?

All training providers listed on this website are Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). This means they’re registered with the Australian or Victorian Government and meet government quality standards.

How much will it cost?

The fees charged may vary as training providers are free to set their own prices.

See fees, funding and financial support for more information on other costs to consider.

Is government-subsidised training available?

​​​Government-​subsidised training is marked throughout this website with this symbol .

You can also use our eligibility checker to get an indication of your eligibility for a subsidy.


The following checklist has some common questions that are handy when comparing training providers. There's also space for you to put in your own questions about the things that are important to you. ​

Training provider research checklist​ (doc - 57.5kb)

Dodgy practices to look out for

Stay away from training providers who use dodgy practices​ and understand the warning signs.


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