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Pam: enrolled nurse, Geelong
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Pam: enrolled nurse, Geelong

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Pam Whitworth turning down a hospital bed

Enrolled nursing: a satisfying occupation

Pam Whitworth began her nursing career at Geelong Hospital, along with five of her school-friends, when she left school 34 years ago. She says her work gives her the same satisfaction today that it always has.

“You meet people from all different walks of life and cultures. I thoroughly enjoy my work and, even though it can be challenging at times, it is still very satisfying.'

Pam began as a nurse’s aide but became an enrolled nurse after additional training. She works a 40-hour week and has four patients to care for at a time.

'Shifts can vary depending on the type of patients you have. Some may need more care than others depending on the severity of their illness. This includes administering medications, taking observations, attending wound dressings and assistance with all the activities of daily living.

“We also liaise with the hospital’s multidisciplinary team and with relatives and carers. We have a holistic approach to nursing so we are involved with patients from their admissions to their discharge.”

And while patients come and go, Pam says the nursing staff form strong bonds.

“You make good friends. I’ve worked with most of them a long time. Some of the girls I started with are still here.”

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