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Dual apprenticeships

Dual apprenticeships

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Stuart Dunstall checking machinery on the factory floor

Twice the trades

Stuart Dunstall was always a good student, but he preferred a more hands-on approach to learning.

He decided an apprenticeship was the way to go and approached a Group Training Organisation called AIGTS. They took him on and placed him with host employers Coca Cola Amatil.

Stuart became the first person in Victoria to do Certificate III in both Electrotechnology and Mechanical Engineering as part of a dual apprenticeship.

His employers agreed he could attend the extra classes this required if he could demonstrate an above-average performance at work and Stuart took on the challenge. He has now completed Certificate III and IV in both Electrotechnology and Mechanical Engineering and is now fully-qualified in both trades.

With his strong skill-set, Stuart wasn’t short of job offers, but he decided to stay with his employers so he could continue with Diploma-level studies. He plans to then go on with management and supervisor’s training.

At work, Stuart has already created improvements to production, including an automated system for greasing factory machines that has saved the company hours of manual work. For someone with his hands-on approach, it’s a satisfying outcome for all his hard work.

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Mechanical Engineer

Plans, designs, organises and oversees the assembly, erection, operation and mai...

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