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Trainers working with industry
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Trainers working with industry

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Trade Institute of Victoria interview: Talking about the Victorian Training Guarantee, 05/07/2011

VIDEO: Close up image of circular saw cutting a piece of wood.

VIDEO: Student wearing helmet and safety glasses working in building workshop.

VIDEO: Student working on brick arch.

VIDEO: Close up image of levels being measured. Close up image of nail being pulled out with a hammer.

VIDEO: Student with helmet hammering nail into wood, three other students working on construction in the background.

AUDIO: We started the organisation on the idea that we could actually educate kids…

VIDEO: Two students with helmets preparing wood to be cut with circular saw.

VIDEO: Reif Keceli standing in workshop, a group of students in helmets and high visibility jackets in the background.

VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Reif Keceli, CEO Trade Institute of Victoria.

AUDIO: …to have a different form of education to get work.

VIDEO: Close up image of face of student with helmet. Another image shows two students looking down.

VIDEO: An image of a student holding piece of cut wood. He crouches down to begin work.

AUDIO: The Victorian Training Guarantee fund has helped us immensely.

VIDEO: Student pouring water into a cement mixer.

AUDIO: It’s actually allowed us to work with the industry.

VIDEO: Student measuring levels on a brick wall, and he taps brick with trowel.

AUDIO: All our courses are designed to have less classroom base and more practical base.

VIDEO: Close up image of student working on a brick arch.

VIDEO: Image of construction workshop with students working and Reif watching them in the background.

AUDIO: Once they leave this school, they will be employed. So what the employers require is that they’re job ready.

VIDEO: Close up image of student using a mallet.

AUDIO: We’ve had students that have come from all different types of backgrounds.

VIDEO: Students working on constructing different brickwork structures.

AUDIO: We actually listen to what their needs are.

VIDEO: Students working on various tasks in the construction workshop and Reif walking through.

AUDIO: They get off the track or the rails of education and we just give them that support structure. This is what we love.

VIDEO: Reif Keceli standing in workshop, a group of students in helmets and high visibility jackets in the background.

AUDIO: Y’know, making a difference.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
Graphic on screen: State Government Victoria Insignia
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
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