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Training in the factory
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Training in the factory

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Specsavers Interview: Talking about the Victorian Training Guarantee, 13/07/2011

VIDEO: Doug Perkins standing in the Specsavers store.

VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Doug Perkins, Founder & Group Chairman of Specsavers.

AUDIO: When we established our Australian and New Zealand headquarters, we decided on Victoria as the centre of our business.

VIDEO: Image of factory machinery moving. Close up of male worker’s face. Another male worker sitting behind the screen of the computer.

VIDEO: Female worker sorting glasses on factory production line.

AUDIO: The Victorian Training Guarantee has been immense. Before Specsavers came along there was never any program for optical technology…

VIDEO: Male worker adjusting a pair of glasses. Another pair of glasses are being finished on a buffer. Several workers in a factory warehouse making adjustments on pairs of glasses.

AUDIO: …but thanks to the Gordon Institute it’s been an amazing development.

VIDEO: Doug Perkins standing in the Specsavers store.

AUDIO: We are working together all the time…

VIDEO: Image of a conveyor belt in factory with workers in the background placing items on the belt.

AUDIO: …with a training manager in the factory working full time…

VIDEO: Female workers adjusting pairs of glasses in the factory warehouse. Image of the factory warehouse with workers packing glasses. Image of male worker packing lenses into an envelope.

AUDIO:…but also some amazing specialists that the Institute have, who are working significantly with relevant experience, but all adapted and customised for Specsavers. It’s amazing.

VIDEO: Doug Perkins standing in the Specsavers store.

AUDIO: The training is absolutely critical as we’ve grown the business.

VIDEO: Image of the production line in the factory warehouse with workers packing goods.

AUDIO: Our enormous growth would not have been possible…

VIDEO: Doug Perkins standing in the Specsavers store.

AUDIO: …without the ongoing support of Gordon.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
Graphic on screen: State Government Victoria Insignia
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
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