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Sevag: automotive mechanic, Melbourne
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Sevag: automotive mechanic, Melbourne

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Sevag Parseghian Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology Kangan Institute Mercedes Benz Melbourne
Sev is standing in interior car park.

AUDIO: Hey, I’m Sev. I’m twenty-two and I’m an apprentice for Mercedes Benz in Melbourne.

Graphic Title on Screen: Name: Sevag Parseghian Age: 22 Apprenticeship: Certificate III Automotive Mechanical Technology- Automotive Mechanic Light vehicle TAFE/Training Provider: Kangan Institute Employer: Mercedes Benz Melbourne

VIDEO: Sev drives around in a Mercedes Benz.

AUDIO: My uncle’s a mechanic and my cousin and my Dad’s a panel beater so I’ve always just been brought up around them. I knew it’s something where I’d always do well, because I enjoy it so much.

VIDEO: Sev is driving the car.

AUDIO: When I finish up I’ll obviously be a fully qualified mechanic and now, from the opportunities that I’ve had and what I’ve learnt, I’ll also be a transmission specialist as well as looking on to be a diagnostic technician.

VIDEO: Sev gets tools and fixes engine. Sev is standing beneath car and making adjustments.

VIDEO: Sev is driving the car.

AUDIO: I’ve had endless amount of opportunities. Every time I think I’ve achieved something and got somewhere, I set myself another goal and all these things keep happening.

AUDIO: Everyone says go to university and study and for some people it isn’t the right thing and I was fortunate enough to experience a bit of both. This apprenticeship has been a great way to bring my passion out and enjoy what I’m doing and get me a lot further in my career.

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