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Brenton: automotive mechanic, Belgrave
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Brenton: automotive mechanic, Belgrave

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Brenton Hands Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Kangan Institute VACC/Puffing Billy Railway
Brenton stands on railway track site.

AUDIO: My name is Brenton. I’m twenty-two years old and I’m doing an apprenticeship in heavy vehicle agricultural mechanics at Puffing Billy Railway.

Graphic on screen title: Name: Brenton Hands Age: 22 Apprenticeship: Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology- Automotive mechanical agriculture TAFE/Training Provider: Kangan Institute Employer: VACC/Puffing Billy Railway

VIDEO: Close-up on different parts of train. Close up of Brenton sitting on the train.

AUDIO: I’m involved with the day to day running of the Puffing Billy railway. I help to maintain their tractors and trucks and fleet of vehicles.

VIDEO: Brenton giving instructions.

AUDIO: At the end of high school I was looking for a job so I applied to become a heavy vehicle diesel mechanic.

VIDEO: (Simultaneously with Brenton speaking) Brenton receives instructions and is learning.

AUDIO: I wasn’t interested in going to university and sitting in a classroom for another four or five years or six years. I wanted to get out into the workforce and I wanted a job where I could use my hands.

VIDEO: Brenton uses blow torch.

AUDIO: I love being able to work on machinery that I’m interested in, so for me having a childhood love of trains and being able to work on trains everyday of the week is a dream job.

Graphic on screen: State Government Victoria Insignia
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