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Kieren: airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic
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Kieren: airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Interview with Kieren Pontelandolto: Talking about his work as a refrigeration mechanic
Kieren Pontelandolto working on a refrigeration unit in a factory.

AUDIO:I made my decision to take up this trade because I’ve always been interested in electrical and electronics. I really like the mathematical side of things and planning things out.

VIDEO: Kieren Pontelandolto in his work uniform, standing in front of machinery in a factory.

Graphic on screen: Refrigeration mechanic Kieren Pontelandolto Pilcher Refrigeration Bendigo

AUDIO: And, um. It really intrigued me to see that you got to do fault finding, do electrical work and also you got to do welding, which was another interest of mine. SO, it kinda brought all the skills that I’d learnt over the past few years at school into a trade.

VIDEO: Kieren Pontelandolto hooking up a gas tank to an air conditioning unit.

AUDIO: Refrigeration is a very scientific trade. There’s a lot of mathematical and science involved in it.; be able to understand how stuff moves heat. Because we don’t actually cool; we move heat. So, to get your head around that is the whole base of refrigeration.

VIDEO: Kieren Pontelandolto in his work uniform, standing in front of machinery in a factory.

AUDIO: The favourite part of the job for me is when we get to do big installs because it’s lots of work and it’s all new stuff, which I really like to work on new stuff because you get to run it all out, you get to plan how it’s all going to work, get to plan where all the pipes are going to be ran; all the wires; how it’s going to be controlled. I really enjoy starting from scratch and being able to build the system out, especially on the really bigger jobs because there’s so much gear and so much relying on you. And I really enjoy that.

VIDEO: Kieren Pontelandolto carrying a ladder into a room where a refrigeration mechanic is waiting with some equipment.

AUDIO: There’s lots of job opportunities. Mainly in the bigger cities, there’s lots and lots but even in some of the smaller country towns you’d be surprised how many fridgies there are because of the farms. People don’t realise how much refrigeration is out there.

VIDEO: Kieren Pontelandolto in his work uniform, standing in front of machinery in a factory.

AUDIO: We are the seventh largest industry in Australia. And the government itself didn’t realise that till two years ago.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
Graphic on screen: State Government Victoria Insignia
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