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Pathways to university
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Pathways to university

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Interview with Paul Scacco: Talking about career pathways
Paul Scacco sitting in his office.

VIDEO: Paul Scacco sitting in his office.

Graphic on screen: Accountant Paul Scacco BSA Partnerships Melbourne

AUDIO: Suppose I never really had a career. I was sort of moving between jobs. Um, so that was definitely one of my career goals from studying; to actually find a career. Something that I could not just start but finish my working life doing.

VIDEO: Paul Scacco working at his desk.

AUDIO: Once I sorta decided that I wanted to go into accounting, I enrolled in TAFE. Um, I did two years of TAFE and then from there I enrolled into university. And then from university I got here, doing my, um, my internship; my co-op year. So, once I finish this year I’ll have six months left of my degree and then I’ll be a qualified accountant.

VIDEO: Paul Scacco sitting in his office.

AUDIO: One of the reasons I decided to start at TAFE was financial; it was a lot cheaper to go through TAFE than it was to go through uni. Ah, the other thing was that after two years of TAFE I have four qualifications as opposed to two years at uni, you’re still not qualified. So, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go on with uni, so I decided that TAFE would be a good option because at least then I‘d come out as something with a qualification and I could enter the workforce.

VIDEO: Paul Scacco writing notes at his desk.

AUDIO: Um, but I was encouraged by staff members at TAFE that I should go on further to uni. Um, again looking into it and researching that sorta stuff, I decided that uni would be the right way for me to go. And it sorta opens up a few more jobs.

VIDEO: Paul Scacco sitting in his office.

AUDIO: It’s definitely paid off.

VIDEO: Paul Scacco working at his desk.

AUDIO: Yeah, it feels pretty good to be sorta where I am. I think finding that first job can be probably the hardest part of your career.

VIDEO: Paul Scacco sitting in his office.

AUDIO: Um, so I did put in a lot of hard work to sorta get where I am. Um, a lot of late night studying. Um, working part-time and finding the time to study at the same time. There were times where I was working four to five days a week and also studying four days a week, so it was very hard. Um, and it’s definitely a satisfying feeling to get here; to be, I suppose, where I am right now.

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