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Dave: electrician, Ballarat
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Dave: electrician, Ballarat

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Dave McPherson Electrician Laser Electrical Ballarat
Dave McPherson sitting in a warehouse in his work uniform.

VIDEO: Dave McPherson sitting in a warehouse in his work uniform.

Graphic on screen: Electrician Dave McPherson

AUDIO: I did a lot of work experience at school. And a couple of friends said I should try being a sparky; maybe try one of the trades and I was like, ‘I’ll have a go,’ and so I did more work experience.

VIDEO: Dave McPherson standing at an open power box discussing what process to follow with an electrician.

Graphic on screen: Laser Electrical Ballarat

AUDIO: I suppose I enjoy all of the job really. I enjoy fault-finding. I like to be able to trace it out and diagnose what’s wrong with it. When it’s stopping a whole factory, the sort of pressure’s on to get it going and once you get it back up and running and working properly, it’s a sense of achievement.

VIDEO: Dave McPherson testing some wiring in the power box.

AUDIO: Probably takes six weeks of on-the-job and then you’ll do a week-block at your local TAFE. About every six weeks throughout the year you’d go there and do different modules for your apprenticeship. Mainly theory based; kind of like the science of electricity and a lot of it is also learning the Australian standards.

VIDEO: An electrician is rolling out some wiring.

AUDIO: An average day, depends on the project you’re working on; all your different circuits you’ve got to wire, generally start with power – do all the power stuff first and then working to the control.

VIDEO: Dave McPherson loads his work bag into his ute before driving to a job.

AUDIO: Often working in the workshop, the office will get callouts. You might have to fix a breakdown or something like that. We do a wide range in Victoria and Australia, so you do a bit of travel.

VIDEO: Dave McPherson on site, discussing the job with a client before running tests on equipment.

AUDIO: Our trade is probably one of the high ones in demand because everyone’s focussing on energy. Carbon tax that’s just come in; they reckon there’s gonna be a lot of changes, like it’s going to affect power stations and that sort of thing. So everyone will be looking for ways to cut their energy use down.

VIDEO: Dave McPherson checking some plans with an electrician.

AUDIO: It’s always changing, you’ve always got to adapt to new things. But that shouldn’t scare ya.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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