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Tim: motor mechanic, Ararat
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Tim: motor mechanic, Ararat

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VIDEO: Graphic on screen: Tim Taylor Motor Mechanic Ararat Automotive Ararat
Tim Taylor sitting in the mechanic’s office.

VIDEO: Tim Taylor sitting in the mechanic’s office.

Graphic on screen: Motor Mechanic Tim Taylor

AUDIO: I’ve been a mechanic for about four and a half – five years now. Y’know, including the apprenticeship. My dad was a mechanic but I um, had a bit of an interest in cars, y’know from day dot.

VIDEO: Tim Taylor opening the hood of a car and looking inside.

Graphic on screen: Ararat Automotive Ararat

AUDIO: Should be involved in the servicing, which is y’know; cars come in and you change the oil, make sure everything’s up to spec.

VIDEO: Tim Taylor raising a car up on a hydraulic hoist to inspect the undercarriage.

AUDIO: Then there’s your diagnostic side of it. If you’ve got a, y’know, bit of something; a light’s not working or the car’s doing weird things as, y’know, as the customer’s driving; trying to figure out what’s causing that.

VIDEO: Tim Taylor working on a motor with a socket wrench.

AUDIO: It’s a pretty broad spectrum, automotive. There’s a whole heap of things that you can kind of specialise in. Heavy vehicle mechanic, agricultural mechanic.

VIDEO: Some earthmoving equipment parked in a lot.

AUDIO: If they’re doing a diesel apprenticeship they’ll do the first year of trade school with everyone else then they’ll go off to a different school and do their training from there on, but y’know, the fundamentals are the same.

VIDEO: Tim Taylor moving a tray of tools and working on an engine.

AUDIO: It’s done in conjunction with working in the workshop so it’s not just like, a big block. I did week-blocks, some guys do a day a week; it really helps you to learn and develop your skills.

VIDEO: Tim Taylor comparing sparkplugs before inspecting an engine.

AUDIO: If you’ve got a mechanical interest, if you like fixing things or, y’know, pulling stuff apart and putting it together and doing that sort of thing; y’know, solving problems and figuring – it’s really good for that. Y’know that’s the side of it I really enjoy; problem solving.

VIDEO: Tim Taylor positioning a hydraulic hoist under a car.

AUDIO: It’s a hands-on job so, y’know, you need a bit of fitness about you. To be mechanics, yeah there’s plenty of work around. And there’s plenty of room to go up, y’know, you might stay as a mechanic or you can sort of move into service advising or managing your own business.

VIDEO: Tim Taylor sitting in the mechanic’s office

AUDIO: Y’know, there’s a heap of different places you can go starting from a mechanic.

VIDEO: (fade to black)
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