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Victorian Training Select

Victorian Training Select

Help & advice

Get the training your business needs

  • Finding the right training for your staff is simple
  • You’ll save time and find more of the right training providers
  • It’s obligation-free and you remain anonymous

Victorian Training Select (VTS) is an online tool that helps businesses get exactly the training they want.

In a secure, obligation-free environment employers can anonymously create training requests. Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) then respond with standardised easy-to-understand training proposals.

VTS only accepts registrations from Registered Training Providers (RTOs) who offer training to the public and who are registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority or the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, the national regulatory bodies for vocational education and training.

How does it work?

  • You register for a free account (Any Victorian business with an ABN or ACN is able to register).
  • Once your account has been approved you can create anonymous training requests where you can specify exactly the type of training you want
  • You can then post your requests to a noticeboard available to all RTOs on the system or you can send it to your selected list of RTOs
  • RTOs then respond to training requests in a structured format that’s easy for you to compare
  • You can review the responses, ask for more information if you wish and choose which RTOs to speak with offline for more details and negotiation

Get started

Over 400 RTOs have already registered an account with VTS.

Register now for your free account and get the training you need for your business.

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