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Make training happen
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Make training happen

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​Once you’ve considered all your options and chosen a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), it’s time to put your training plan into action in the workplace.


  • Work with your RTO to finalise the courses and units you are purchasing. Be clear with your RTO about your expectations of the training.
  • Agree on a written contract with your training provider that lists the expected outcomes of the training.
  • Establish a contact person at the RTO and stay in regular contact.
  • Monitor the training as it is rolled out.


  • Consult with your employees – individually and as a group – about what they think worked and what didn’t.
  • Check that the new skills are actually being used in the workplace.
  • Review the training in the context of your business objectives. Is it helping your business achieve the things you want?
  • Review and update your business plan if necessary and use this information when you next need to purchase training.​

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