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Careers advice
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Careers advice

Help & advice

Choosing a job and career path

There’s lots of career information out there and lots of places you can go for advice. You’ll probably find that a lot of it is pitched at school leavers. Don’t be discouraged. More and more people are returning to study as adults and some workers may be eligible for free careers advice.

You can find information on job prospects in Victoria, average salaries and real-life stories from workers in the occupation search on this site. There’s also lots of helpful information available from other sources, including: 

  • Careers and Transitions - full of information on school and ​post-school options. 
  • MyFuture – a comprehensive career information service featuring a personalised career exploration tool, occupation profiles, job seeking tips, articles and videos. 
  • Australian Apprenticeships Pathways – for individuals considering an apprenticeship or traineeship. It provides job descriptions by industry, trade, potential career pathways, and work environments.

Manager and employee going over paperwork 

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